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Impregnation process, e-motors

press fit simulation of e-motor housings

Simulation of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes

Metrics in structural dynamics, python scripting

State of the art assembly process simulations, e-motors

e-Motor Technical Guidelines

System level simulations of electric machines, i.e. e-Axle including GearBox Torque simulations Modal Analysis Frequency Response Random Simulations Shock Simulations

Pre-stress effects in structural dynamics

Objective: methodology for including pre-stress effects on structural dynamics. Loads: dynamic excitation + static preload Solution type: Modal frequency response, Transient frequency response A systematic approach for including prestress effects in time and… Continue reading

Parallel capabilities of NX Nastran / SIMCENTER 3D

Estimating damping values using half power method

Python scripting for calculating damping values using the half power method

Fluid Structure Interaction – Impeller

This a a short case study of one way fluid structure interaction on a centrifugal compressor. The stress fields on the impeller of a centrifugal compressor are due to centrifugal forces, aerodynamic forces… Continue reading

Break out Modeling

Intro A break out model is a simulation model which represents a small portion of the initial model. For very large models this technique is useful to capture a more accurate representation of… Continue reading

Non-linear quasi-static analysis with contact

  A gasket (blue) is between two cylindrical tubes and the outer cylinder is subjected to a pressure. Modeling aspects of this case include: Non linear implicit static analysis Contact modeling Elastoplastic material… Continue reading

Thermal Stress Analysis- PCB

      Thermal stress analysis of printed circuit board during soldering process. The board is constrained from the mounting holes and a temperature load is applied at solder pads. The figure depicts… Continue reading

Fluid Structure Interaction Wind Turbines

Pressure and Velocity on Wind Turbine Blades

Contact stresses- Ball Bearing

      The objective here is to determine the max pressure at the surface of contact between the sphere and the outer ring. For this case a 3D simulation is not necessary.… Continue reading

Non Linear FEM- Cardiovascular stent

    Non linear FEM simulation of two cardiovascular stent designs. Due to symmetry conditions only a portion of the geometry was modeled in both cases.     Second Design      … Continue reading

Response surface optimization

  Generic Examples on Response Surface Optimization   For further details see following document:¬†Response Surface Optimization.pdf      

Transition from thin to thick walled vessel

  An example of thick-walled cylinder subjected to internal pressure. The following topics are discussed: 2-D modeling Axisymmetric mode of symmetry Transition from thin to thick-walled vessel theory Mesh convergence study Verification and… Continue reading

Shear effect on Beams

A small case study which presents the limits of classical beam theory.¬† The following topics are discussed: Comparison between analytical and numerical results Deflection Normal stresses Shear stresses Singularities and St Venant’s principle… Continue reading

Stress concentration

                            A small report on stress concentration. Two simple cases are presented and FEM simulations are compared with approximation formulas… Continue reading