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Blade vibration mode shapes and frequencies

      Intro This is a small case study regarding the vibration mode shapes and frequencies of a centrifugal compressor blade. For further information regarding this case see the following document:  BladeVibration.pdf  … Continue reading

Modal Analysis-Aircraft wing

  Intro Naca 64-012A profile was used. Surface of wing was reconstructed using spline fitting to the airfoil section points. Chord is 1 meter, span is 5 meter and thickness is 0.01m. One… Continue reading

Explicit Dynamics FEM. Bullet impact on steel

        This is an example of explicit dynamics. A bullet hits a mild steel. Half of the model has been simulated, (symmetry can be exploited more, quarter of the model… Continue reading

Explicit Dynamics FEM. Car hits a column

            A very simplified example of explicit dynamics. Lamborghini hits a rigid column. Velocity of car is 200 km/h and simulation was performed up to t=0.003 seconds. Please… Continue reading

Non-linear FEM. Plasticity of Beams

                For further information please see the following document: Plasticity of beams        

linear static FEM. Pressure Vessels

                          Linear static analysis on thin walled internal pressure vessels. Two cases are examined: Cylindrical vessel with hemispherical end caps Spherical… Continue reading


      An example of steady state and transient simulation of axial turbocharger. The following components are modeled: Turbine blades Nozzle Ring        

Estimation of performance map of centrifugal compressors

Introduction COMA: A software tool for the generation of centrifugal COmpressor MAps (COMA). For further information please see the following document: Description of COMA tool     Comparison of compressor design tool (CODE) and… Continue reading

CODE-1.0: Meanline Simulation Code for a Centrifugal Compressor Design

CODE-1.0 (COmpressor DEsign) is a small software tool that has been developed for the modeling and simulation of centrifugal compressors in the design mode. It is an 1-D code that uses simple turbomachinery… Continue reading


General Simulation type Aerodynamic Structural   Illustrative description of centrifugal compressor.                   Further details For further details download following pdf: centrifugal compressor.pdf  

Stability Analysis of Imperfect shells

General Circular cylindrical shells are very stiff and light structural elements If a shell is loaded in such a way that the membrane energy can be converted in bending energy, it may fail dramatically. Very large… Continue reading

Optimization of Production Lines using Simulation and Genetic Algorithms

Introduction In this project a genetic algorithm has been implemented from scratch, for the optimization of the scheduling production line of a textile industry. Production scheduling aims to maximize the efficiency of the… Continue reading

Modeling Wind Turbine Towers and Modal Analysis Assessment

General This is a master thesis project which demonstrates the implementation of a design tool for onshore wind turbine towers. The master thesis is performed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy… Continue reading

Development of a Preprocessor for the Simulation of Human Bones.

Abstract One approach for the simulation of human bones is the Finite Cell Method (FCM), which takes advantage of voxel-based data obtained from computed tomography scans (CT-scans). But before entering the simulation phase,… Continue reading