Estimation of performance map of centrifugal compressors

Introduction COMA: A software tool for the generation of centrifugal COmpressor MAps (COMA). For further information please see the following document: Description of COMA tool     Comparison of compressor design tool (CODE) and… Continue reading

CODE-1.0: Meanline Simulation Code for a Centrifugal Compressor Design

CODE-1.0 (COmpressor DEsign) is a small software tool that has been developed for the modeling and simulation of centrifugal compressors in the design mode. It is an 1-D code that uses simple turbomachinery… Continue reading

Installing DAKOTA on Ubuntu 16.04

  General Details Type of installation: Binary installation Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 OS Tool: DAKOTA 6.4 ( Click to install)   1.  Install necessary packages   2. Download Dakota Binary Link:  Download from… Continue reading

Bisection method

A simple C++ example of the Bisection method for finding the root of a function bsm.h bsm.cpp   main.cpp


General Simulation type Aerodynamic Structural   Illustrative description of centrifugal compressor.                   Further details For further details download following pdf: centrifugal compressor.pdf  

class, operator overloading, ex. on vector

Simple example of vector class. The present example illustrates how to use the operator overloading and the vector class is used here as an example. A programmer who wish to use a vector… Continue reading

class, simple ode 2

Simple ordinary differential equation with euler explicit, predictor corrector euler and second order Runge Kutta. Main.cpp ode.h ode.cpp srcFunction.cpp

class, simple ODE with EE method

This is a simple code which illustrated the use of euler explicit method for solving an ordinary differential equation. Main ode.h ode.cpp srcFunction.h srcFunction.cpp

Computation of nth-degree of Bernstein polynomials

AllBernstein.cpp AllBernstein.h main.cpp

value of Bernstein polynomial

Class, copy constructor, copy assignment

Class example

Example of Namespace

Passing a pntr of a function to a function

Passing a pointer of a function to a function

Function that returns a pointer

A function that takes as input a matrix and a vector and returns a pointer as output.

Enumeration and Switch statement

The following C++ code describes an enumeration user defined type together with a switch statement

Dynamic allocation of matrix

This C++ example demonstrates the dynamic allocation of memory for lower triangular or symmetric matrix

Machine Limits

A small c++ example which prints out the limits of some basic data types in the pc that is run to.

Stability Analysis of Imperfect shells

General Circular cylindrical shells are very stiff and light structural elements If a shell is loaded in such a way that the membrane energy can be converted in bending energy, it may fail dramatically. Very large… Continue reading

List of Libraries

BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms). Linear algebra operations such as vector and matrix multiplication. (Fortran based). CERNLIB. General purpose modules (mathematics, data analysis, etc). (Fortran, C/C++) EISPACK. Numerical computations of eigenvalues and eigenvectors… Continue reading