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Estimation of performance map of centrifugal compressors

Introduction COMA: A software tool for the generation of centrifugal COmpressor MAps (COMA). For further information please see the following document:¬†Description of COMA tool     Comparison of compressor design tool (CODE) and… Continue reading

Bisection method

A simple C++ example of the Bisection method for finding the root of a function bsm.h bsm.cpp   main.cpp

class, simple ode 2

Simple ordinary differential equation with euler explicit, predictor corrector euler and second order Runge Kutta. Main.cpp ode.h ode.cpp srcFunction.cpp

class, simple ODE with EE method

This is a simple code which illustrated the use of euler explicit method for solving an ordinary differential equation. Main ode.h ode.cpp srcFunction.h srcFunction.cpp

Computation of nth-degree of Bernstein polynomials

AllBernstein.cpp AllBernstein.h main.cpp

Class, copy constructor, copy assignment

Passing a pntr of a function to a function

Passing a pointer of a function to a function

Function that returns a pointer

A function that takes as input a matrix and a vector and returns a pointer as output.

Enumeration and Switch statement

The following C++ code describes an enumeration user defined type together with a switch statement

Dynamic allocation of matrix

This C++ example demonstrates the dynamic allocation of memory for lower triangular or symmetric matrix

Machine Limits

A small c++ example which prints out the limits of some basic data types in the pc that is run to.