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Performance maps

A C++ software tools for the generation of centrifugal compressor maps. The tool was compared with Ansys Turbo tools and excellent agreement was observed. Tools that were used: Python C++ See the following… Continue reading

Estimation of performance map of centrifugal compressors

Introduction COMA: A software tool for the generation of centrifugal COmpressor MAps (COMA). For further information please see the following document:¬†Description of COMA tool     Comparison of compressor design tool (CODE) and… Continue reading

CODE-1.0: Meanline Simulation Code for a Centrifugal Compressor Design

CODE-1.0 (COmpressor DEsign) is a small software tool that has been developed for the modeling and simulation of centrifugal compressors in the design mode. It is an 1-D code that uses simple turbomachinery… Continue reading