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Pressfit Assembly Process Simulation

Intro A novel approach of the assembly process of a pressfit is shortly presented. A pressfit is a method of fastening between two mating parts. The parts are pushed together and are hold… Continue reading

Robustness and Durability simulation, e-Motor

Objective: Robustness & Durability Loads: Interference fit, bolt preload, PSD and sine sweep vibration profiles, etc. Solution type: Modal Analysis, Harmonic response Random vibration Fatigue Modeling aspects: Full e motor (~ 35 parts)… Continue reading

Protected: Random Vibration Fatigue Optimization, e-Motor

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Random Vibration Fatigue Simulation, e-Motor

Objective: Random Vibration Fatigue Damage and Life factor estimation Developed new methodology for prestress effects in structural dynamics Reduced simulation run time of large models with parallel computation techniques

Random Vibration, e-Motor

Objective: Random Vibration Modeling aspects: Full e motor (~ 35 parts) ~ 30 million dofs Test specifications of random vibration are simulated before physical test in order to develop design in early development… Continue reading

Harmonic Response, e-Motor

Objective : Harmonic response Modeling aspects: Full e motor (~ 35 parts) ~ 30 million dofs Results of unit loading harmonic response in three directions where used in subsequent solution steps of robustness… Continue reading

Modal Analysis, e-Motor ( e-Axle+GB)

Objective: Modal Analysis Modeling aspects: Full e motor (~ 35 parts) ~ 30 million dofs Modal analysis simulation as first step of random vibration fatigue studies Modal quantities used in subsequent steps

System, eAxle incl GB, Verification & Validation of Simulation Models

Optimization of Feather Key Design, Rotor of e-Motor

Assembly Process Simulation of e-Motor Components

Orthotropic Material Modeling of Rotor of e-Motor

Manufacturing process of rotor, e-motor

Park lock simulation of e-Powertrain

Impregnation process, e-motors

press fit simulation of e-motor housings