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Contact stresses- Ball Bearing

      The objective here is to determine the max pressure at the surface of contact between the sphere and the outer ring. For this case a 3D simulation is not necessary.… Continue reading

Response surface optimization

  Generic Examples on Response Surface Optimization   For further details see following document:┬áResponse Surface Optimization.pdf      

Transition from thin to thick walled vessel

  An example of thick-walled cylinder subjected to internal pressure. The following topics are discussed: 2-D modeling Axisymmetric mode of symmetry Transition from thin to thick-walled vessel theory Mesh convergence study Verification and… Continue reading

Non-linear FEM. Plasticity of Beams

                For further information please see the following document:┬áPlasticity of beams        


General Simulation type Aerodynamic Structural   Illustrative description of centrifugal compressor.                   Further details For further details download following pdf:┬ácentrifugal compressor.pdf