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Steel Strength Dataset

Intro This is a small example that demonstrates some material datasets, how to retrieve these datasets and some functions for getting a better inside on the parameters of the datasets. Datasets available on… Continue reading

Retrieving data from Material Databases

This is a small example that demonstrates data retrieval from the Materials Project Database.   Tools that are used: Google colab Matminer Plotly   Below is a screenshot that plots Bulk modulus vs… Continue reading

Predicting Elastic Properties of Materials with Machine Learning

Intro Another experiment on machine learning techniques. A simple case study is presented below for predicting the elastic properties of materials with machine learning. Other posts on this amazing subject are going to… Continue reading

Metrics in structural dynamics, python scripting

Estimation of performance map of centrifugal compressors

Introduction COMA: A software tool for the generation of centrifugal COmpressor MAps (COMA). For further information please see the following document:¬†Description of COMA tool     Comparison of compressor design tool (CODE) and… Continue reading